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2000 Short Course in Time Series Analysis: Forecasting Product Demand and Revenue

Complete lecture notes are available from the course reader (PDF).

Data sets and programs for computer exercises are downloadable from our FTP directory.

Note: You must have TSP 4.x or later to replicate the computer workshops. The software is licensed by TSP International.

University of California, Berkeley only: If you are a registered student, staff member, faculty member, or visiting scholar at the the University of California, Berkeley, you may download a free copy of the TSP license and manuals from our server, suitable for use on Win 95/98/ME/NT/XP, provided you use a host in the Berkeley.EDU domain: TSP 4.5 with The Looking Glass interface or TSP 4.5 with a GiveWin interface. If you have an older PC or Mac, you may try TSP 4.4 for the PC (DOS/Win 3.1.X; Win 95/NT; Linux) and Macintosh (Classic; Power Mac); or an executable for TSP 4.41 for Windows 95/98/NT only. Persons not officially affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley can obtain a TSP license from TSP International.