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About Local EML Data Sources
California Digital Library (UCB only)
One-stop site for all economics/business e-journals (UCB only)
EconLit (UCB only)
American Economic Review (UCB only; via Ingenta Select)
Journal of Economic Literature (UCB only' via Ingenta Select)
Journal of Economic Perspectives (UCB only; via Ingenta Select)
The List of Economics Journals
Berkeley Electronic Press, including journals in theoretical economics, macroeconomics, and economic analysis and policy.
eScholarship Working Paper Repository (You can join the Repository and contribute your working paper series!)
Academic Press E-Journals (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Cambridge University Press (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
EBSCO Online (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Elsevier E-Journals (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Kluwer E-Journals (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Springer E-Journals (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Wiley E-Journals (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Encyclopedia Britannica (UCB only)
Encyclopedia Americana (UCB only)
FirstSearch (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
IDEAL (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
JSTOR (UCB only)
UC DATA Archives
UCB Social Science and Government Data Library
Periodical Contents Index
Proquest Direct (UCB only; use link on Long Library's homepage
Science Direct (UCB only; can also be accessed via the CDL)
Journals and Preprints in Mathematics and Statistics
Simultaneous searching of all library web servers (not catalogs) of the University of California
EconDoc (German libraries)
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (UCB only)
RAND California (UCB only)

1970 Census
1980 & 1990 Census 5% Sample Extracts
Census Bureau Home Page
California Census Research Data Center
Government and Social Science Data Library
UC Census CDs (UCB only)
EML Census CDs (local)
IPUMS (web)
CIESIN/SEDAC Census Archive

ICPSR Home Page
PSID (web)
PSID (local; online at econ:/archive)
AHEAD (web)
HRS (web)
HRS (local; online at econ:/archive)
SIPP (local; online at econ:/archive)

1989-1997 Basic monthly Current Population Survey
1968-1996 March Current Population Survey
1968-1995 October Current Population Survey
CPS Displaced Workers Survey-Jan./Feb
1990-2000 Local Area Unemployment Statistics
1980-1994 Integrated Consumer Expenditure Survey
1994 Consumer Expenditure Survey
1995 Consumer Expenditure Survey
Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page
Most Requested Series:
Statistical Abstracts of U.S., 94-00 (local; online at econ:/archive/sa94, sa95, etc.)
Statistical Abstracts of U.S., 94-00 (web)
City & County book (local; online at econ:/archive)
CPS Stata Extracts (local; online at econ:/archive)

Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), including sample SAS, Stata, and SPSS programs NBER Home Page
Patent Citations Database
Penn-World Tables
Macro History Database
Official Business Cycle Dates
Manufacturing Industry Productivity
Imports and Exports
... and lots more!

NSF's Industrial Research and Development Information System (IRIS)
Economics and Statistics Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce)
Government Information Sharing Project
- USA Counties
- Population and Housing
- Population Estimates
- Equal Employment Opportunity
- School District Profiles
- Regional Economic Information
- Economic Census
- Census of Agriculture
- U.S. Imports/Exports
- Consolidated Federal Funds

U.S. Federal Government Statistics
- Bureau of Economic Analysis
- Bureau of Labor Statistics
- Bureau of Justice Statistics
- Bureau of Transportation Statistics
- Bureau of the Census
- Energy Information and Administration
- Economic Research Service
- Environmental Protection Agency
- IRS Statistics of Income Division
... and much, much more!

FedWorld Information Network (NTIS)
Federal Reserve Bank Data from FRED
Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances
Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances from Ohio State University

ABI/Inform (UCB only; via Proquest)
Brazilian economic statistics
Bronwyn Hall's Data (local; online at econ:/archive)
Business and Economics Data Links
Business and Industry Database (UCB only)
Counting California
CRSP (UCB only-see WRDS information below; also online at econ:/archive/CRSP)
Compustat (UCB only-see WRDS information below; also online at econ:/archive2/compustat)
Davidson Data Center and Network
Digital Dissertations (UCB only)
DRI Basic Economics (Citibase) (UCB only-see WRDS information below; also online at econ:/class/data/citibase)
Global Financial Data-for use by UCB users only. Your host must be in the Berkeley.EDU domain, or you must use the Library's proxy server and authenticate yourself using your CalNet ID.
Global Market Information Database(UCB only)
Economic Growth Resources
Hoovers Online
IMF's International Financial Statistics
ISI Emerging Markets
Lexis-Nexis Academic (UCB only)
Lexis-Nexus Statistical (UCB only)
Mergers and Acquisitions (local; online at econ:/archive)
National Longitudinal Study (local)
- Child
- Youth
- Original Cohort
- Females

NESE (local; online at econ:/archive)
NPSAS (local; online at econ:archive)
NPTS (local; online at econ:/archive)
OECD (UCB only)
REGIO (local; online at econ:/archive)
Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS; UCB only - WRDS use is restricted to UCB faculty and graduate students. Reguires a password issued by WRDS. Click on the link, choose "account request," and if you qualify, a password will be sent by email.)
World Trade Flows 80-97 (UCB only)
World Bank Global Developemnt Finance (UCB only)
World Bank World Development Indicators (UCB only)